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Student desktop E&M experiment kit

A student desktop experiment kit to accompany Volume 2 on electricity and magnetism is available from PASCO: search for item EM-8675. With the kit students can do experiments with electrostatics, circuits, and magnetism. The kit contains

  • a roll of invisible tape (which charges well for electrostatics experiments)
  • batteries
  • a battery holder
  • a bar magnet
  • a liquid-filled compass
  • high and low resistance light bulbs
  • bulb sockets
  • a 1-farad capacitor
  • thick and thin Nichrome wires
  • clip leads
  • a long wire
  • recent additions are a 47-ohm resistor and a 100-ohm resistor

If you choose to assemble your own kits (which is more difficult than you might imagine), here is useful procurement information.