Links September 2013

Many links library

Links August 2013

good simulation from Italy

U of MN context rich problems

sharks and electric field

birds and magnetic field

highered twitters

Educational links

Simulation ESJ from Boston U-

Applets from Germany

LInks July 2013

Cyclotron animation

Problem for wind power- involves Faraday Law and generator

PhETs simulation for introductory physics from Colorado

PhD thesis on problem solving rubrics

Coulomb law assessment with physlet

Physlets on COMPRADE website

Low level E&M simulations

Very nice circuit simulator – use

Faraday ICE pail experiment


Links- May 2013

Arduino and more


Do Social Media Benefit College Students by Engaging Them in the Course Material?

Interesting links about using Twitter in the classroom


Promoting Active Learning in Technology-Infused TILE Classrooms at the University of Iowa
Sam Van Horne, ITS Instructional Services, The University of Iowa

Links- April 2013

NC State SCALE-UP project

TEAL MIT project

Using the PAIR-up Model to Evaluate Active Learning Spaces

U of MINN evaluation 2007 of Active Learning classrooms


Assessment Instrument from NCState

PER-Central, a resource collection for physics education researchers. Here you may find articles, theses and dissertations, research groups, curricular material, and news and events of interest to …

Links- March 2013

open chemistry

bouncing ball video analysis

videos of experiments


Going beyond the textbook

Interactive lecture demonstartions

davidson online pre-post labs

davidson online pre-post labs-mechanics

Live Physics Photo

Not still photographs, but too short to be considered movies, these “live photos” are designed for analysis in a computer. Positions of objects in …