Mario Gliozzi

Mario Gliozzi

Research Assistant Professor

Primary Research: Astrophysics

Office: 311 Planetary Hall Phone: 703 993 4479
Primary Website:

Current Research Interests

My present research activity is focused on the investigation of the physical conditions of matter around black holes and it is mainly based on the analysis and interpretation of X-ray data from different classes of AGN (especially Radio Galaxies, Blazars, Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies, and true type 2 AGN). I try to combine complementary pieces of information from the investigations of both AGN and GBHs to probe the unification of black hole systems at three different levels:
1) The unification among the different classes of AGN, with particular focus on the radio-loud/radio quiet dichotomy
2) The unification between active and normal galaxies, investigated by studying the X-ray nuclear properties of Low-power AGN, which may represent the link between powerful AGN and normal galaxies.
3) The unification between AGN and Galactic Black Hole systems, with particular emphasis for the variability properties .